D.S.I introduced a cloud inventory platform to give businesses innovative solutions. The forum will provide cloud-based inventory management for organizations to capture and analyze information from any mobile device, enabling inventory control. The software improves efficiency and helps companies to tackle supply chain complexity. Here are some points about the new invention by Data Systems International.

A Flexible Tool

The new DSI cloud platform enables you to perform processes without modifying the records. The system is for necessary precision and efficiency for any industry that needs extra inventory control. Users get information on an inventory’s authenticity and exact location. Several companies have started using cloud inventory from Digital System International. Let’s look at some of these companies.

  1. Aegion

Aegion’s complexity has increased the need for D.S.I software. Aegion has been in the pipe maintenance industry for forty-five years. In the recent past, it has acquired oil and gas businesses. A cloud factory’s need is more urgent in the warehouse and the field in its primary locations. Using manual inventory became an inefficient way of keeping a record for the fast-growing company. Aegion could not meet its customers’ demand since the four hundred crews in the field had to create tickets manually. Thanks to Data System International, Aegion made an application that suited the need for faster transactions. See this article for additional information.

  1. Briggs

Briggs provides products and services to the healthcare industry. The need for D.S.I came after the company moved to cloud-based management. Briggs combined Cloud Inventory and NetSuite for efficiency and productivity. It brought together various inventories used in the field and warehouse to create a single inventory record.

DSI Global has helped companies reduce the cost of inaccuracy and increased product accessibility from a warehouse. The need for manual inventories continues to decrease as technology and task complexity increase.


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