Law has a load of importance to the community. Different cases call for different approaches. The intensity used to handle each case requires a high level of professionalism. Dean Omar Branham Shirley has been putting his skills to practice in different sectors.

Company Mismanagement

Dean Omar has handled shareholder liabilities. This is a suit targeting a company against mismanagement. The action taken by investors against the firm is based on negligence level. The firm has also taken part in consumer class action. The act is against the false advertisement of the product to prospective buyers.

Clarifications in Unpaid Wages

The right to realistic pay is part of the law. Late checks, unconsidered overtime, wrongful classification of the employee into a salary waged personnel instead of hourly pay are some of the suits handled. We offer professional advice to a fair judgment call.

Injuries and Death Claims

Dean Omar Branham Shirley comes in to help you claim your right against harm done to you or a person under your care. The professional approach is to put you on a level state which is considered a right to put the victim on a level state. Financial assistance comes in to help cover for any services charged by the caregiver.

Company Liability

Purchase of product(s) that causes harm is a crime. The inability of a product to perform its appropriate action is a crime solely placed against the company. Victims (s) who have proved their claims are entitled to compensation by the company in charge. The company being sued is also expected to adjust or stop producing the particular product. Contact Dean Omar for more help and inquiries.