The famous Dickey’s BBQ Pit Franchise has humble beginnings that go back all the way to 1941. It began as a barbecue stand located on a corner at Knox Henderson and the Central Expressway within the city of Dallas, Texas.

The original Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee location also holds the title of the oldest continuously operating restaurant that has not moved, changed its name, or changed ownership within the city. Dickey’s now has over 550 BBQ restaurants in 43 states. The BBQ chain also has a global footprint and is found in seven countries besides the United States.

Dickey’s is an incredible success story of how a barbecue stand can turn into a business that employs thousands of people and feeds many thousands of more on a daily basis. The owners and grandkids of the original Dickey’s BBQ Pit restaurant say their recipe for success is very simple. They use the finest cuts of meat for their barbecue meat and secret sauces and seasonings that give Dickey’s barbecue its authentic taste.

Every Dickey’s BBQ Pit location also has real barbecue pits that use hickory wood to smoke the meats. The commitment to quality and to cooking barbecue the old-fashioned way without cutting corners is the reason the Dickey family believes its barbecue dishes continue to be a hit with the public.

Old-fashioned cooking, secret sauces, and time-honored recipes have been combined with the latest technology at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit by Laura Rea Dickey. She is the current CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group, which operates the Dickey’s BBQ Pit franchise and manages corporate operations for the restaurant.

Laura Rea Dickey has brought things such as online ordering and delivery options for the barbecue franchise. Thanks to her technological insight and innovations, ordering and getting barbecue at Dickey’s has never been easier or faster. See this page for additional information.


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