International expansion of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program took place in 1959 when Sir John Hunt was appointed president.

The award then began to include members of the British Queen’s forces and local education authorities.

Soon after that, it expanded internationally into Hong Kong (1961), Australia (1963), Gibraltar (1966), and Bermuda (1968).

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Within six years of its inception, over twenty-five countries were involved with the award; within thirty years, this number increased to around seventy countries worldwide.

While many variations of awards exist, all must contain common primary aims:

  • To expand students’ knowledge through exploration.
  • To develop students’ physical fitness.
  • To foster team spirit between participants.
  • To encourage good citizenship in young people through active participation in community-based projects.
  • To stimulate the development of new interests and abilities.
  • To encourage young people to undertake a voluntary service for others.

Prince Philip developed a national Award program that shared the foundations of the original Moray Badge: the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The Development of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award was inaugurated as a royal charter corporation of the leadership of Sir Hunt.

As an honor to Dr. Hahn’s original Moray Badge, Edinburgh’s Award draws on values such as exploration, service, and teamwork.

During its first year, roughly 7,000 young men had started participating in the program, and 1,000 had completed it.

Today, multinational students can partake in this worldwide recognized youth development program across all age groups at Gordonstoun School.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has been an undeniable success since its launch in the UK.

The program helps young people of all backgrounds build their life skills and broaden their horizons through commitment, challenge, and discovery.

Initially, participants completed four sections:

  1. i) expeditions
  2. ii) rescue and public service

iii) fitness.

  1. iv) pursuits and projects,

These main aims were to have them expanded into free will participation of physical activities, or challenges/skills development/expeditions.

While the award provides a holistic support system to help young people develop the necessary resilience for a globalized world, it also encourages practical skill-building and teamwork.

This program now serves youth from all over the globe from fourteen years old upwards.

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