It is not surprising that Gordonstoun is one of the famous and most sought-after public schools in England and beyond due to the quality of its students and the servant leadership the school instills in its student.

The Gordonstoun school is also partly famous and prominent for playing host to some of the royal family members, including the late prince Phillip famously known as the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Unfortunately, not many know the founder of this great institution and his inspiration and commitment towards better public education.

The founder of Gordonstoun School, Dr. Kurt Hahn, is an academic giant, thinker, and professional in matters to do with education.

Hahn is known for his passion and commitment to ensuring public education gets the proper appreciation.

He gets particularly hailed for his role in coming up with one of the leading and prestigious global awards known as the Duke of Edinburgh prize that offers students from all corners of the world a taste of the British public education system.

The Award got formulated in collaboration with the institution’s famous student, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. Currently, the Award has a student collection from over 150 countries globally.

Hahn’s role in designing and coming up with a revolutionary award like the Duke of Edinburgh prize can, at times, be underrated.

Still, when one takes a deeper look at his life, one will take up some of the values and principles he advocated getting transferred to students through this Award.

For instance, Hahn is widely known for his strong work ethic, integrity, and commitment to high mortality, all of which form the prestigious ward’s values.

Hahn is a German national born and raised by a Jewish family in the city of Berlin.

Before relocating to England, Hahn was privileged to attend two major universities in Germany, where his love for pedagogical philosophy took a new twist.

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