DFINITYThe internet has come a long way since its availability increased 20 years ago. Now, it’s an essential part of how people conduct everyday business. Many people make a living conducting trades and performing work that relies on a fast, accessible and trustworthy network. DFINITY is a tech company that wants to enhance the security, openness and utility of the internet. It pioneered the DFINITY Computer, which is now known as the Internet Computer, just a few years ago.

Who Founded DFINITY?

The founder of DFINITY is Dominic Williams. This IT go-getter has been around the block a few times, and the Internet Computer is just one of his more recent successful projects. He started DFINITY with the mission to improve access to cloud computing and the internet in general. He also wants an open internet that anyone can contribute to, including students and educators who don’t necessarily have a background in computer science or programming. The third goal of DFINITY is to remove reliance on centralized server farms. These server farms are located in just a few places, and they put security at risk and reduce innovation and speed that digital transactions require.

How Does the Internet Computer Work?

The internet computer doesn’t use a central server farm. Instead, it makes use of thousands of individual computers spread across the world. With several thousand nodes as of late 2021, Mr. Williams hopes that it will add about 25% more nodes each year. Each node contributes to the running of algorithms and parsers that facilitate faster transactions.

What Does the Internet Computer Do?

Dfinity Foundation

The internet computer runs open-source and proprietary software. It makes use of AI and algorithms for decision-making processes. This allows it to support digital transactions, such as verification of artwork and blockchain.

Who Supports This Project?

The DFINITY Foundation is a non-profit providing financial support to the Internet Computer. Its $112 million in funding came from the release of tokens. The DFINITY company went public in 2021, which provided some additional financial support. DFINITY Foundation offers grants and training workshops to interested parties.