As CEO and co-founder of one of the world’s leading patient engagement solutions, LifeWave, David Schmidt has used his marketing and business experience to guide and grow the company to its current position.

He believes an integral part of doing business is to create an atmosphere of efficiency and tranquility in which all employees are valued and feel like family.

In his leadership, he has been able to create a place where employees have unlimited potential, and which inspires more involvement, creativity, and responsibility in the workplace.

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“You have to focus on your vision because nobody is interested in you if you’re not,” said LifeWave’s CEO David Schmidt.

“A lot of times I have meetings that last 12 hours.

” Making eye contact is essential for Schmidt.

Eye contact has been shown to build relationships and confidence, something that can be hard for many.

David Schmidt talks about not panicking when we make mistakes and how those mistakes are useful for getting better.

Through 20+ years of industry experience, David Schmidt has gone through the cycles of business failure, new business success, and helping clients grow.

His company, LifeWave, has evolved to offer product consulting, ongoing development, and communication for healthcare professionals.

He currently serves as CEO and has been part of LifeWave’s leadership team since 2005.

Schmidt first took an interest in the field of healthcare while attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

He had been a commodities trader for an investment bank when he decided to pursue a career in healthcare.

“Time is precious,” said Schmidt.

“The concept of making a list and working on it one item at a time is a useful way of prioritizing tasks.

” But how do you focus when you work in the middle of a start-up or when you’re leading a fast-growing company?

What sets me apart is my daily goal of “getting my head down” and focusing on work as much as possible.

While answering the question, David said, “I know it’s critical because I grew up at a time when prioritizing time was crucial to success.

I grew up watching my father work 60 hours a week and prioritizing quality time with my mom and four siblings.”

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