With over three decades of expertise in equity markets and credit, James Dondero stands to be one of the top ranking executive officers and entrepreneurs we have. He is the man behind the launching and success of Highlands Capital Management. He serves as the company’s establisher and holds the role of the president and head executive officer. This implies that he is in charge of overseeing all operations within the firm and makes decisions that ensure the smooth running of the company.

Being an entrepreneur, James Dondero had to look for an idea and bring it to life. He is well skilled in this, and that is why he saw an opportunity in equity markets. His primary focus was on investing both in low and developed companies. 1993 was the year of establishment of Highland Capital Management. It has made significant achievements since.

The company is integral in developing solutions that are credit-oriented and also establishment of Collateral Loan Obligation market. The company has been awarded vast awards for its successful work and worthwhile job. For instance, ETFs, mutual funds, private equity funds, and hedge funds, to name a few. It is crystal clear that any successful company needs to be rewarded, and Highlands got it.

James Dondero not only works as Highlands President and Executive Officer. He exercises leadership roles to other firms spearheading their successes. James Dondero has actively contributed to the operations of the Protective Life branch of GIC. He also helped in its foundation and exercised managerial roles 4 years. While at American Express, he served as its Portfolio Manager. Morgan Guaranty hallmarked James’ success. After being part of the company in 1984, James’s passion for analysis developed a notch-higher and perfected the skills and expertise.

James attended the Universities of Mclntire and Virginia, where he graduated with a Commerce and highest honors degree, respectively. He has several certifications including the Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant, and Certified Public Accountant. See this page for more information.


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