Jason Hope is not just a charitable philanthropist, incredibly savvy investor, and groundbreaking entrepreneur; he’s also quite astute when it comes to making predictions regarding the future of technological advancement. This seemingly prophetic investing mogul has high expectations for the Internet of Things, which is the phrase being used to describe the interconnectedness of most modern technology. According to Jason Hope, any smart-home tech, assistant, or even your phone can be considered part of the Internet of Things!


Jason Hope


According to Jason, within the very near future it will be imperative for a business to adopt this type of technology in order to stay ahead of the game. It’s already a huge part of our everyday lives, and according to Jason, it would be absurd to think that everything from business, to education, to scientific research wouldn’t be backed by the Internet of Things (Everybodywiki). 


An industry that he has already been investing in, and paying close attention to is biotechnology. More specifically the SENS Foundation, which researches cures for diseases and illnesses that are caused by aging. According to Jason Hope, what they have in store for the future of mankind will play a close role with the already increasing need for devices to be connected, and sharing data. 

Jason says that our lives are already on the upward curve in terms of health, and wellness because of technology and its incredibly positive impact. The SENS Foundation’s astounding work is only possible through the use of advancements in rejuvenation biotechnology. Jason Hope points out that life is becoming safer as we know it due to the technology we’ve grown so accustomed to. Simple advancements in cameras, sensors, microphones, A.I, servers, and the Internet of Things as a whole, are incrementally bringing us closer to more fulfilling, more healthy, and overall more extended lives!