Jay Holstine is a CEO who effectively counsels other CEOs to help them build their businesses. From creating lasting practical solutions and systems to analyzing how each CEO can balance their home life with their work life, Jay Holstine delivers results. His work comes from a foundational understanding of what businesses need to thrive and how executives can grow their businesses.

Holstine developed and built SigmaFlow, a software company that he eventually sold to a private equity firm. This background in development from the ground up through to the final sale gives him the necessary knowledge to aid new businesses as well as older businesses in achieving their goals.

In Holstine’s CEO peer group, he acts as an advisor to a group of CEOS from non-competing fields. The idea is to create a close-knit group that will support one another and continually challenge one another to grow. Holstine leads the group and walks the CEOs through various improvement strategies.

For example, a recent topic that the group covered involved company culture. Holstine noted how important it is for employees to not only feel comfortable at work but to feel purposeful. Employees are more likely to perform well, grow individually and stay with companies where they feel that they are not only useful but that they are contributing to a greater purpose. Throughout group, Holstine worked to find tangible ways each CEO could work to create a purpose-filled work culture.

CEOs who are looking to learn from an experienced consultant who has lived the life (started a company, managed and run that company, sold the company to a private equity firm) can turn to Holstine’s CEO Peer Group.

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