If you look forward to practicing law, you need a mentor who will guide you accordingly on your career path. We’ll look into the career of Juan Monteverde, a practicing securities attorney. He’s among the most respected professionals in his field. Currently, he runs his own law firm.

About Juan Monteverde

Most lawyers never settled on a career as an attorney from the word go. In most cases, some lawyers started in another field before they aspired to become litigators. Juan Monteverde serves as a suitable example. At first, he studied finance. After graduating with honors, Monteverde felt undecided, and he felt he needed to pursue another career.

His indecisiveness came about when he was offered an employment opportunity at a law firm. Initially, he secured a job position at the firm to sustain himself. Later on, he gained an interest in the field, such that he aspired to become a litigator. Considering he was well versed with matters involving finance, Juan Monteverde was well suited to focusing on securities laws. As an attorney, Monteverde would focus more on ensuring the victimized parties have been compensated accordingly.

As a law student, Juan Monteverde was among the top students in his class. He would also make good use of his writing skills while at law school.

After completing his studies, Monteverde was hired by one of the local law firms. He would showcase his prowess in handling complex cases. While handling each case, Monteverde would also focus on being innovative. While working at Diaz Reus, he would also gain more experience when it comes to handling high-profile government investigations and commercial disputes for international clients and the U.S. government.

Monteverde has also had the opportunity to work closely with foreign financial institutions and government entities in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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