Online Trading Academy is regarded as the best when it comes to trading and investing education. The online-based school has been in business for over 20 years and has trained more than 80,000 students. In recent times the academy instituted OTA Research Center. The research center intends to look at various research that can assist people in learning about various investments and their outcomes.

According to the President of the Online Trading Academy, Mike Richardson, the existing research on the topic of the behavior of investments is conflicting. For example, research done in 2013 by Brad Barber and Terrence Odean show that those who operate in retail often lose money, which has conflicting information from another research on a similar topic conducted in 2016 by Peter Swan and others. The later research shows that retail is a profit-making venture for both investors and traders.

The Professor Peter Swan and Online Trading Academy President reached out to Peter Swan, got to have a deep understanding of the research methodology used by Peter Swan. President Mike realized two methodologies; the first one is the Calendar-Time methodology and the other Holding-Period-Invariant Methodology. According to Peter Swan, most investors have always relied on the Calendar-Time-Methodology, which is a misleading methodology. He believes that the findings of that research formula affect the thinking of investors, something which should not be the case. This type of method is only focused on when investors want to gain profits which is not the absolute case at all times.

Investors have a different way behavior than what the calendar-time methodology represents. Most investors get to make various choices over time as they don’t just stick with one way of business. Peter Swan explains that some will choose to stay, exit, or buy more investment depending on what works best for them.

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