When the Fortress Investment Group decided to expand their reach and establish a credit division, they knew they had to bring in one man by the name of Peter Briger. His credentials spoke for themselves having worked for Goldman Sachs for the last fifteen years they were sure he had what it took to lead the department to greater heights. He had held various roles at Goldman Sachs, which included the Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business which had granted him firsthand experience on how to deal with huge investments that went wrong given the size of capital Goldman Sachs injects into its investments and the impact these distressed debts had on the overall performance of the bank. This position would even Peter Briger an advisory role at the International Finance Corporation advising on the same. He had achieved quite the feat and made partner at the bank by 1996 less than ten years after he joined them. The Fortress Investment Group has however been one of the best places Peter Briger has worked in. He has been able to grow professionally while at the same time finding time to work on causes that he holds close to his heart. This was one of the reasons he was able to jump on the bandwagon when Princeton requested him to help establish the Princeton Entrepreneurs Alumni fund. This would be a fund dedicated to budding entrepreneurs from the university which would help them launch their products into the market and hopefully create opportunities for many more. Peter Briger stills hold onto the lessons he learned at Princeton, and this is one of the reasons he still associates with them closely. He, in fact, helped fund the initial round of the Princeton Entrepreneurs Alumni fund. He has continued to offer his time and financial resources to this cause and believes it will only grow bigger. At Fortress he has been able to grow his department into one capable of making billion-dollar investments. This has held his division add to the bottom line of the group’s portfolio despite it being considerably younger than the other divisions.

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