Ricardo Vega Serrador Widening Options in Mexico With a Wendy’s Partnership

New restaurants don’t tend to last. The majority of them don’t get past two years in business and some disappear without anyone noticing.

A field as competitive as this is what makes Ricardo Vega Serrador an exception in the industry.

After spending the majority of his life in the business of restaurants, Ricardo Vega Serrador, a native of Mexico, now heads the Corpogas group.

Serrador’s success and his leadership and management skills came from hard work. He acquired a strong work ethic in his early years working at his father’s small restaurant.

Moving on to find his own path, Ricardo Vega Serrador relocated to the US to study business administration at the University of Avila in Missouri.

Having developed his business skills through various businesses, Serrador proceeded to acquire and successfully manage a Subway franchise in Mexico. Two years later, Ricardo Vega Serrador extended Mexico’s variety of options by introducing Wendy’s restaurants to the country.

Having contributed to the opening of hundreds of Wendy’s in Latin America and the Caribbean through the hard work of Ricardo Vega Serrador, his company, Corpogas, has become a multi-million dollar corporation.

Corpogas now incorporates 100s of stores, which include fine-dining restaurants, exclusively represents and distributes for Maserati and Ferrari and operates a food distribution and a commissary.

Thanks to Ricardo Vega Serrador’s business reputation earned through hard work, the Wendy’s partnership has opened up new menu options for Mexico City.

Ricardo Vega Serrador is a businessman. In addition to his success in running multiple businesses, including automobiles, food and gas stations, he is most known for his ability to bring multiple franchises to Mexico.