SeaWorld has developed numerous parks across the United States of America, mainly to preserve the endangered species. The organization works in partnership with different companies and individuals in the preservation of the endangered species in other parts of the world. By the end of 2017, SeaWorld had rescued over two thousand two hundred and ten turtles.

Turtles are said to be one of the slowest animals living in water and require strict observation. The animals are mainly caught by the fishing gear, which has contributed significantly to their drastic decrease in population. The cold weather also affects their means of survival, making them stuck in terms of movement.

According to the research done by SeaWorld, most places where the turtles live are affected by cold weather. Note that the turtles are among the endangered species that the SeaWorld is trying to preserve. When the water temperature is extremely low, the metabolism rate of the turtles also slows down.

In return, the turtles suffer from a condition known as hypothermic, whereby they cannot feed well. During this time, you will find out the turtles floating on top of the water. They are usually dormant and cannot swim from one place to another. The SeaWorld travels around collecting the animals, giving them the required conditions resulting in their well-being.

In 2010, there was over three hundred turtles stack along the water. The turtles were given fast aid and taken to a turtle rehabilitation center based in Orlando in the United States. Heat lamps were used to warm the animals until they were in a position to get back to their feet. Out of the three hundred turtles, the organization was able to relinquish two hundred and fifty turtles back to the sea.

According to research, this was the most significant number of turtles that were saved in the history. Currently, SeaWorld is the leading rehabilitation organization for the endangered species.