Seaworld is a popular aquatic park known for its shows containing various sea animals that provide the public with entertainment. Now the park is taking on a much more complex project. As part of a collaboration, OCEARCH and Seaworld are researching shark reproduction. They are looking into where sharks go to mate most often. Dr. Gisele Montano, who happens to be a reproductive physiologist, went to the Carolinas with other veterinarians from OCEARCH on an expedition to do the research just of the coast of these states in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s all about making sure that the shark population is healthy.

Dr. Montano has experience with collecting samples from a variety of sharks at Seaworld. So getting the samples she needed from the species that are off the coast of the Carolinas gave her a chance to utilize what she knew. Being able to see and work with sharks that the park doesn’t have is an amazing opportunity for her and the other veterinarians. They also got a chance to look over the sharks on the platform that belongs to OCEARCH. Protecting the mating grounds of the great white shark is very important to the environment. Their food source must be plentiful, and that must be carefully watched as well.

This was an awesome experience and just shows how much needs to be done to make sure these sharks don’t go extinct. Having a healthy ocean full of wildlife is crucial. Both Seaworld and OCEARCH are doing their part to bring awareness about these magnificent creatures. People can visit Seaworld to learn more about the different species of shark and other animals of the sea. There are experts available to give you first-hand knowledge of their behaviors and fun facts. Both organizations are doing an amazing job.

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