Peter Briger is a renowned leader with exceptional managerial skills. His major location is San Francisco, California, US. He manages the business in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, and the Western US. He is the president and co-chair at the fortress credit cooperation. He assumed the position of a co-chair of the board of the Fortress investment group in August 2009 three years after being appointed as the director of the Investment Company. His hard work has seen him bring notable developments in the firm.

He is , and over the recent years, he has been overly impressed by the various emerging trends that have been brought by the modern technology. Besides employing the use of the latter in the firm, Peter Briger has also employed the use of unique strategic approaches to manage risks at the Fortress Investment Group.

In December 2017, Peter rose up the scale to become the co-chief executive officer at the fortress. He is one man who understands the operations of Fortress to the core. His involvement in the company’s operations since 2002 has proved him to be a gem in the fortress. The experience Peter Briger gathered from the Goldman Sachs and Company for one and a half decade put him in the right position to handle more complex managerial responsibilities at the Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has held many other positions in investments companies. He has gained vast skills in leadership and management over the past years. As a committed leader, he is passionate about teamwork. Several committees acknowledge his presence as a great professional in finance. To mention a few; Japan Executive Committee, The Global Control, and Compliance committee among others.

Throughout his career, Peter Briger has been the instrumental change and a significant advisor to the institutions which he has served. The contribution he has put into active use is beyond New York City where his current workstation is based. He has a firm education background which has enabled him to discharge professional statutory responsibilities worth applause. He attained his first- degree B.A at Princeton University and later on an MBA Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania.