After six years as the CEO of Cleanaway, Vik Bansal has finally settled in InfraBuild. The reputation and success he achieved at working for Cleanaway is something that will last for ages. This CEO’s experience is not drawn only from Australian companies. Vik Bansal can easily pass for a world leader since he has worked in the United States, Asia, and America. One fact about Mr. Bansal is that this is not the first time he is working for InfraBuild; this renowned CEO has worked for the company before in the General Manager position. Further, the Executive Chairman has endorsed Mr. Bansal’s new role and has acknowledged that he is a valuable addition to InfraBuild.

The motivating factor of Mr. Bansal to join InfraBuild has been the company’s trajectory. The company has a record of doing well in its niche, and so far, it has a high demand. As the new CEO of InfraBuild, he fits right within the company’s long-term plans of transition. InfraBuild states that the work of former CEO Dak has not been despised as the CEO will take new roles and continue to serve as a useful resource for the company on various needs. Because of its efforts, the company’s financial records have always aligned; therefore, his services will remain relevant to the company’s financial sector.

About Vik Bansal

Mr. Bansal joined Cleanaway six years ago and has served the company for six years four months. Before joining the company, he served for three years at Valmont. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Deakin University. He further undertook a one-year Advanced Management Program at INSEAD. Currently, Vik Bansal is taking a Masters of Laws in Enterprise Management at Bond University. His management skills spread over 20 years, having worked for several companies.

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